October 31, 2005


Hello Phyllis, Jack, & Staff,




Well Hawk arrived Wednesday, October 26th safe & sound via Continental Airlines as per your arrangements.  I was unable to pick him up because of being called to work on a well 500 miles to the Southwest, but did not want to do anything to delay Hawk’s arrival since duck season is in the 4th week here.  My wife and her mother made the 140-mile drive to OKC airport where our youngest son and his girl friend met them.  Together they waited in the baggage area for Hawk’s arrival with one of Continental’s staff. 

I’ll have to say I am truly impressed with the professionalism of Continentals’ personnel and their program regarding Hawk’s trip.  They provided us with updates throughout the day as well as all being on schedule and the young lab’s disposition. 

Upon Hawk’s arrival in OKC he was escorted to the waiting car and allowed to be removed from his crate once outside of the terminal…. making a hit with all of the travelers who took time out of their hectic schedules for a smile and a chance to pet the pup.




Hawk slept all the way on the journey from OKC to Woodward.  Since his arrival things have not been quite the same at the Hayden household.  We have 2 older cats and a new kitten and their life has been hectic and one of seclusion with Hawk’s arrival.  He seldom barks, except when one of the cats makes an entrance into a room.  Then the race is on. 

It has been 15 years since we had Lab pups and close to 20 years since we have had small children in our home.  Both the wife and I have been reminiscing about both our sons and the 2 previous lab pups we bought for them.  All rugs have been taken up off the floor as well as anything else a 2-year-old child or a 5-˝ month old lab pup could get into.  Believe it or not, if you do not think the manufacturers are putting as much toilet paper on a roll as they did in the past that is not true.  Hawk personally stretched a roll out the length of the bathroom, across the hallway & living room, through the dining room, and into the kitchen.  I don’t know which is more unbelievable, his feat or the fact it did not tear into!

The Pro Plan large breed formula – puppy Dog Food is not available in Woodward.  I was able to locate some ONE, but no Pro Plan.  The wife picked up one bag in OKC and I ordered 4 online…shipping is going to kill me!

When he needs to go outside he retrieves one of your shoes, not both.  First he has to give them a chew and shaking, before allowing you to get your hands on them.

One area that is a real problem and I have not figured out how to break him of his habit is putting both paws upon the dining room table and the kitchen counters.  He also enjoys grabbing doilies that use to be on the several tables and pulling both doilies and contents to the floor. 

This evening I called him to come, which he did obediently, but he did so by jumping on top of the coffee table in front of me vs. going around.




            Rule #1 – when duck hunting with a 5-˝ month old pup, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT throw the decoys out.  I only took 8 decoys and one motorized one.  However, I know I put those decoys out 5 times = 40 decoys. 


            Rule #2 – when duck hunting with a 5-˝ month old pup, have a plan as to what you are going to do with your empty decoy bag.  If not, you’ll be involved in a game of chase and tug of war.  0400 is not the time of day you want to be doing this. 


            Rule #3 - when duck hunting with a 5-˝ month old pup, make sure you remove your soft foam rubber gun sling off of your gun, especially if your lab is cutting teeth.  And think heavens I had not loaded my gun yet as he pulled it into the lake. 


            Rule #4 - when duck hunting with a 5 ˝ month old pup, you’ll know that neoprene waders not only keep the cold out, but also the hot coffee.


            And Drum Roll - Rule #5 - when duck hunting with a 5-˝ month old pup, there is no greater satisfaction than to watch his eyes and head as they look to the sky to see a flock coming in.  Then with the 1st shot killing a duck for him to retrieve without having to throw a rock!   I was able to take his picture and get to the bank in time for Hawk to make a “U” shape retrieve and deliver to hand……Life is Good!


Bill & Donna    


Hawk's first duck

The ride home