Here are some more letters and photos we received from satisfied owners
(Last names and addresses have been omitted)

From: Paul
Sent: 11/27/2012
Subj: Puppy Questionnaire

Phyllis and Jack,
I hope you are having another great year at Deep Run farms. Its been a little over a decade since we received our first puppy from you in December of 2001. He was a yellow male puppy from the Elvis and Risky litter that we named , "Buck". He was simply the best. Words will never explain what a perfect fit for our family he was. He was bold, playful, loving and loyal. He was beyond smart, and he was loved by all he came in contact with. He was a natural hunter , tirelessly energetic, obedient and vigilant. He was an exceptional retriever, but an even better friend and companion. We will miss him always. I have enclosed a few pictures of him for you and Jack .....perhaps you will remember the litter....I am sure there have been so many.
Buck picture 2
Buck picture 3

Our hearts have now healed to a point that we would like to adopt another puppy. My children are older and I now spend more time at home. I am interested in a yellow male again. The Sam and Peaches litter caught my eye, but I would like to get your opinion. I have enclosed the puppy questionnaire but would like to discuss with you and your convenience.

I enclosed some pictures of "Buck". Elvis and Risky Puppy born October 8 2001 . Crossed rainbow bridge February 9th 2012.

A. Paul

From: Glynnis
Date: November 15, 2012
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Update

Hi Kristi and everyone at Deep Run Farm -
The male yellow lab we got from Deep Run Farm on August 31 is doing great! He is from the July 6 Casey x Tutti litter. His name is Kobey (aka Deep Run Kobayashi As Time Goes By). Some pictures are attached. He's growing up...FAST! He is so sweet and gentle and has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!
See Kobey picture 2
We hope everyone at Deep Run Farm has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Glynnis, Bill and Kevin

From: Mallory
Sent: 11/5/2012
Subj: Update on Mufasa (Casey/Tutti pup)

Hi Deep Run Team,
My husband and I could not feel more blessed with Mufasa - you picked the perfect dog for us. He was one of the Casey/Tutti pups, born on July 6 of this year. Mufasa is very smart and has excelled in his puppy obedience training class. He loves to learn, and we attribute that to Deep Run. The first day we took him home, Mufasa was comfortable in his crate and already knew how to sit. He is not afraid of thunderstorms, the train, the vacuum, or the rain. Mufasa loves other dogs and is well socialized. He is so brave and well acclimated - I am sure that you made our job a million times easier. We have been very consistent with training and look forward to bringing him to Deep Run soon for some more accelerated training. We can tell Mufasa will love the water, and look forward to the spring when we can take him to ponds and watch him go. Mufasa is so curious, like all puppies, and takes pride in retrieving his toys and twigs.
Mufasa was the largest in the litter, and is weighing in at 30 pounds today (he is 15 weeks old). Attached are a few pictures. One is of when he was 8 weeks old, holding a twig in our yard. The next is when he was 10 weeks old, laying on his living room bed. The last is of Mufasa at puppy class, at 14 weeks old (see that smile?).
He sure does keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for helping us to expand our family!
Mallory, Andy, and Mufasa

From: Sue & Jim
Sent: 11/1/2012
Subj: Siskel and Easy's "Casey"

Phyllis, Jack, Kristi, and other staff at Deep Run Farm,
Just wanted to give you an update on the adorable little Siskel-Easy pup we got from you about three weeks ago. We named her Casey.
See another Casey picture
As you can see in the accompanying photos she has adapted well to our home and to our 9-year-old black Lab, Cody. The two have been inseparable since the first day they met. Who knew Cody had so much puppy left in him?? He is very tolerant of Casey's puppy antics. He often engages her in play and is a good training role model. Casey's a smart, lovable little girl who learns quickly and has brought a lot of joy to us and to everyone who has met her so far. Our vet is quite impressed with her and her pedigree.

Sue and Jim

From: Darrell
Date: November 1, 2012
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Gus (PonchoxFly) July 27, 2012

Hi Phyllis,
I hope all is well after this crazy hurricane event and that you, all family members, employees, animals and facility all weathered this thing ok? Gus made it to California fine, the 5 hour flight was a little long. Gus just couldn’t hold it any longer and we had a minor event just after the 4th hour, but the passengers and flight crew on American Airlines were all helpful though and we made it just fine. He has been just a trooper and has captured all the ladies of the house hearts almost to the point where I do not know if they are going to let me send Gus to retrieving school in February. We have set up a kennel just on the other side of my bedroom and my wife and I do not hear a pep from him after we put him down for the night until he needs to go to the bathroom usually around 3am.
See another Gus picture
He weighed in just over 20 lbs. when he went to the vet, by the way, she did say that both of his boy parts were indeed where they need to be. J I will have them double check that though when I take him back for his rabies shot.
I emailed earlier about him jumping on the doors when he sees us, well when we visited when I picked him up back in Virginia you were bragging about how smart this litter was, well you were right on! Gus was trying to jump on the door handle to open the door. This is more evident as he gets his coordination down.
He is muscling up really well, and I have been around a lot of Labradors and I have to tell you I have never seen one this mellow and well behaved, especially at this age. His hips are impressive also, I have never seen this much muscle and build on the hips of a Labrador before he is going to be very strong and handsome dog!

Thank you so much and may God Bless all of you back there,

From: Axie
Sent: 10/23/2012
Subj: Siskel's & Easy's "Lily" at her new home

To Christy et al
As you can see, Lily is settling in beautifully. I'm so proud of our Emma (6 next week), who's being wonderfully accepting. They're already chasing one another. Lily was excellent on the 2-hour drive home ..... it didn't hurt that she slept for about 45 minutes of the trip. These past few days have been effortless, although I wasn't expecting Lily to figure out the doggie door quite this soon! She loves mealtime, her stool looks good, and the only time her tail isn't wagging is when she's asleep. We're so happy that she's joined our family.
See another Lily picture

Cheers ~ Axie Moses
p.s. I noted that the co-owners of Siskel are also named Moses ... quite a coincidence, as its not a common name.

From: Stephanie
Sent: 10/23/2012
Subj: Siskel and Ginger kids

CJ, Cher and Blondie picked up some single points at some small shows recently. I have attached show photos of CJ and Cher. I don't have Blondie's back yet.
See a picture of CJ


From: Kristy and Anthony
Sent: 10/6/2012
Subj: Kadence update (Casey X Fiona)

Hope all is well at Deep Run. We just wanted to give you guys an update on Kadence (Casey X Fiona 1/13/2012). She is such a great dog. We just finished up our third training class and she has excelled at each one. The first was puppy pre-K, then STAR puppy. (See the pic with her medal) Lastly was a class called Family Dog which led up to AKC's CGC test and she passed! We were so happy. The trainer was amazed at how well she did for being so young. Anyway, we just wanted to thank you for choosing the perfect puppy for us. I have attached a few pics of her so you can see how quickly she has grown.
See Kadence picture 2
See Kadence picture 3
We have been thinking about adding to our family and were wondering if you had planned on any upcoming litters with Casey?

Thanks again,
Kristy and Anthony

From: Lisa
Date: October 2, 2012
To: Kristi at
Subject: Few More Recent Photos Of Sophie Annabella (Sam x Piper)

Ok this is my last email of pics. I picked some more recent ones...the hardest part is choosing which ones to send since Soph is completely adorable and very photogenic!
Sophie picture 2
Sophie picture 3

From: Jonathan
Sent: 9/24/2012
Subj: Sisters reunited!

I'm the happy father of a four-year-old black lab from Deep Run, Sadie (Superhero & Tabatha's Caress). I happened to be at a dog days swimming event in Alexandria this weekend, and struck up a conversation with the happy father of a seven-year-old yellow lab. We began talking and the subject of the breeder came up. His dog also came from Deep Run. Not only that, but his dog, Halle, was sired by Superhero as well! We exchanged phone numbers, and will probably get the dogs together to play sometime.
See Sadie picture 2.
On an unrelated note, I am disabled and in a wheelchair, and getting Sadie was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. She's healthy and happy and brings me lots of joy. And, even though she isn't a certified service dog, she gets things and picks things up for me. She's wonderful.
Anyway, I just thought you might be interested in our story. I've attached some photos. Three of Sadie, and the other of her and her long-lost big sister, Halle.


From: Dana
Sent: 9/22/2012
Subj: Puppy

Just a quick note to let you know how much we LOVE our new puppy, Murphy, from the Cara and Chief litter. He’s a perfect fit for our family so far, and he’s doing great with our kids. He is so well adjusted and easy going, he is the BEST!! Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend you to our friends. He’s the third Deep Run dog in the neighbhorhood and I bet there will be more.

Thank you,

From: Michael
Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2012
Subject: Maverick ( Windy / Magic 2011)
To: Phyllis Giroux,

Phyllis and Jack,
I just wanted to give you an update on Maverick. Teal season opened in south TX last Saturday, and I took Maverick on his first hunt. We hunted a pond near some rice fields with 5 of my friends. We killed a 6 man limit ( 24) teal, and Maverick was awesome! . He was steady to shot, and retrieved 18 of the 24 teal without any problems. I had to walk out and help him with some of the blinds at the end of the hunt, but he was great! I thought it was very impressive from a 9 month old pup in his first live hunt! The last bird he found had fallen in a cane break across a levee behind us. There was another group of hunters across the pond behind us, so I didn’t want to take him over there until they were finished shooting. At the end of our hunt, I took Mav up on the levee, and tried to walk in the cane break with him. It was so thick that I could only get about 2 feet in to cane. I told Mav “dead bird”, and he came into the cane with me and started sniffing. I just kept encouraging him, and soon he forced himself into the cane break, with his nose working hard. I lost site of him almost immediately, but I could hear him crashing around in there. About 3 minutes later, he emerged with a blue wing Teal in his mouth! Quite a highlight for me and the guys.

I want to thank you for such a well bred puppy. He is exactly what I wanted. Very laid back and calm, but likes to go get birds! I had Mav at Rivers Edge Dog Academy for 3 months with trainer Terry Cadle. He did an outstanding job with Maverick, and still helps me with information as I continue with his training. I am really excited about the rest of the hunting season as Maverick continues to get better and better. It’s so much fun to hunt with a dog again. The guys told me that Maverick could hunt with them any day…they weren’t so sure about me, but Mav was always welcome. I have attached a couple of pictures from our first hunt. Dove season opens Friday, so I am taking the day off work to hunt. We’re going to get teal in the morning, and doves in the afternoon! It should be a great weekend!
Maverick picture 2
Maverick picture 3

Thanks again for the perfect puppy!
Best regards,

From: Stephanie
Date: September 17, 2012
Subject: Xander getting big!!!

Hello there!
Wanted to send some pixs of Xander!!! He is getting big....
Picture 2
Picture 3
Also I entered him in a photo contest with PetSmart; This is the link to vote for him :)

Chris and Steph

From: Scott
Sent: 8/27/2012
Subj: Our Deep Run Pup (Tess)

Hi Phyllis….we wanted to share a couple photos of Tess (Sam & Piper) as she turned one on August 18. We love her to death!
Tess picture 2


From: Cindy and Mickey
Sent: 8/21/2012
Subj: Our new Pup

Phyllis and Jack,
We just had to let you know we are delighted with our new boy-- Rudy. He is so full of personality and so smart! He is doing very well and has the quickest "sit" of any dog we have had. It is obvious he is a quick learner, and he loves retrieving his toy duck and bringing it to us. He is not shy or timid, and very confident.
Yesterday, he absolutely shocked me! I had let him walk with me out to the bird coop. One of the 6 week old guineas had escaped and was trapped in a corner behind a fence post. Before I could do a thing Rudy had captured it and promptly dropped it at my feet. I have never seen anything like this, he was fearless, didn't bark or chase-- he just grabbed it and brought it to me.
We have never used our dogs to hunt, but it was amazing to see this. The guineas are about the size of a pidgeon, I was impressed.
We look forward to years and years of fun with him, and his big "sister" Poppy is enjoying him as well. We look forward to working with him to see what all he will be able to accomplish. We will be getting in touch with you soon to schedule training for him.

Thanks again!
Cindy and Mickey

From: Dawn
Sent: 7/23/2012
Subj: Remi Got Her JH Title

Phyllis and Jack,
I have great news to report!
Remi passed her 4th AKC JR Hunt Test and has now gotten her JH Title! (Elvis & Star). It was a great test and good work on her part. In fact on Saturday after she did her land marks the Judge asked me where did I get this dog? I told him that Remi came all the way from Virginia from Deep Run Farm. During the water marks I had to contain myself as she literally went flying into the water! All I wanted to do was jump up and down and yell Wahoo! Her entries are absolutely amazing! In fact I do think that I turned around to the judges and said wow! When we got done the same judge told me that this dog was wonderful and would go far if I kept it up. That is a terrific compliment to receive! Everyone that sees her wants to know where she is from.
The second day, on Sunday, we had 2 different judges and once again Remi performed with such vigor and excitement that the out of state judge also asked me about Remi. He asked me if this was the first dog that I had and of course I told him no, I also have her 13 year old brother! He was happy to hear that. He told me that he really loved Remi and that she was very talented.
There was a gentleman there that was taking pictures and they are amazing. He is supposed to email them to me, so I will send those as soon as I get them. In the meantime, I have attached a couple of pictures from this weekend. I had to take the water ones from the line with my cell phone. Judges were cracking up! Apparently not too many people have done this. In fact, I think that I am the only one that I have seen doing it. I can only do the water ones though because she is too darn quick on land!
See Remi picture 2
See Remi picture 3
In fact when several “new” handlers asked questions of the judges and marshal, Remi was used several times as an example of a well trained dog. Little did they know about her Houdini episodes with her kennel in the car. After watching the test dog I went to get Remi because we were 3rd in running and she was sitting in the passenger seat waiting for me. She figured out somehow how to unzip her kennel. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t get a hold of the dozen donuts that were right there. So I once again put her in her kennel until it was our turn for the water marks. Again, I went to get her and this time she was laying on top of her kennel. Guess it is time for a Vari Kennel and not a canvas kennel. LOL
Again, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful dog! I enjoy her so much and she makes me laugh all the time. I am so lucky that you had a cancellation and I was able to reap the reward and it has been a huge reward!


From: JFT
Sent: 7/20/2012
Subj: Landie & Ranger at JFK (2 Deep Run dogs. World travelers on their way to Switzerland.)

Hi Dr. Giroux,
They have their own area with American Airlines!! Even they "know" where to hang until boarding time.
After 4 days finally got out.
All safe and back in much cooler Switzerland.


From: Allison & Brad
Sent: 7/20/2012
Subj: Photo of a pup from your farm

Deep Run,
I wanted to share this link with you on our wonderful pup “Hank” that my husband bought for me 2 years ago as a wedding present from Deep Run. We cannot express how happy we are with Hank and he is about as spoiled as any hunting/lap dog can get. We recently entered him in the Garden & Gun Dog contest, and we are so proud to announce that he won! We thought you would enjoy seeing one of your own again (of course this was when he was a pup but his smile speaks for itself!):
Hank photos
Enjoy and again we will forever spread the word of your farm!

All Our Best,
Allison & Brad

From: Roger
Sent: 7/5/2012
Subj: Decorating Moses

Phyllis and Kristi,

My grand kids love to decorate Moses. Can you believe he just lays there and lets them maul him. This is the other side of the most intense hard charging retriever I have ever seen? He will lay there until they leave him.
I am interested in obedience competition and possibly agility for the new pup. Do I get started by going to the AKC website? It's something we have not done before.

My granddaughter found some dog treats in the closet and I caught her opening the container and giving a very patient Moses one treat at a time.


From: Lydia
Sent: 6/25/2012
Subj: Cork's hunt training

I wanted to give you an update on Cork. He is 7 months old now. He's 60 lbs and 21". I've included a recent head shot of the handsome boy. I can't remember if I sent it to you previously.
I thought you might also enjoy seeing some photos of Cork's (Pancho x Fly) first official hunt training day from this past weekend. It was a 3 hr drive up north to cooler weather and so worthwhile. We had a blast. Of course all of his obedience training went right out the window as soon as he heard the duck calls so we'll definitely be working on that before our next training day.
I'm not sure which Cork enjoyed more...retrieving in open water or retrieving his first live bird. He even demonstrated his trademark pose (ear folded back) in the photo with the bird. His ears always flip back like that. I tell him that his ears were put on backwards but I tell everyone else that he does it on purpose so he can hear me better.
Cork has a great memory as evidenced by me accidentally throwing 2 bumpers into our tree late one night. I was able to retrieve one but not the other. He remembered it was up there the next day and waited patiently for me to find it. He's also a wonderful marker, paticularly in water. This water entry required going over hip high grass covered rocky terrain which quickly switched to mucky, muddy, swamp like conditions before transititioning to clear water. The other people told me an inexperienced pup probably would not be able to do this retrieve (it was part of the triple for the MHs). I tried it anyway because I know Cork loves water retrieves. Cork went through it like a pro and even returned to me through it instead of running the bank like some of the older, more seaonsed dogs did. I was very proud of him and everyone else was impressed too.The only trouble he had that day (and it was really just inexperience, not trouble) was not going out far enough on the land retrieves in cover. He had never seen cover before so we were doing shorter retrieves. He took the straight line directly over the fallen log (he knew it was past that) and out about 10' more to start searching. The mark was still back another 30' so he basically started his search at about the farthest distance I can throw. The thrower helped him out. We reran the mark and he had no issue then. If I can find someone to help throw for me regularly, I'm sure this issue will be resolved. We must have done ok because they invited us back out for Super Singles next month. Unfortunately we won't be able to join them due to other commitments.
Cork picture 2
Cork picture 3
I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I'm enjoying this pup.

Take care.

From: Dawn
Sent: 6/18/2012
Subj: Deep Run Remingtons Desire

Dear Phyllis and Jack,
Wanted to give you guys an update and boy is it a good one!
Remi and I ran our first AKC Junior Hunt Test up in Fairbanks this past weekend and came home with 2 ribbons! What an exciting event, they sure do know how to put on a good test up there, the weather was awesome and Remi was all amped up and rarin’ to go. One thing that I definitely need to work on is obedience. She does wonderfully during training though, so I can’t figure out how to duplicate her behavior and correct it. If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.
It was pretty exciting, I even had someone come up to me and ask if I was the one with the "Deep Run" pup. Apparently they are on your website often. I of course tell everyone that I meet that there isn’t a better place then Deep Run. I could not be a happier pet owner or customer. I even took the old guy Gus up with me and he was terrific! I have also attached a picture of him so that you can see just how happy this handicapped, almost 13 year old is. I think that he is very proud of his little sister.
Remi and I will be running our first "Official" NAHRA event this next weekend, so I will keep you posted. See Remi picture 2.

Thanks again for everything! I love all of you!

From: Steve
Sent: 6/18/2012
Subj: Buckley

Phyllis, Jack and Kristi,
Just wanted to give you an update on Buckley (Casey/Pary 9/12/11). Buck is a great, intelligent, super friendly dog who gets compliments everywhere we go. I have attached 2 pictures (3 months and 7 months). Buck is now 9 months old, and is 75 lbs of muscle. Buckley picture 2. One question I have is if you recommend using a training collar. Buck is generally very good on and off the leash, but can become distracted when he sees other dogs and people. If you do use training collars, a recommendation would be helpful. Thanks again for breeding and choosing a great dog for me.


From: Angie
Date: June 12, 2012

Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our puppy Pippa (we changed from originally planning on calling her Bella). She is from the 3-14-12 Litter of Sam and Pary. Kristy was so kind and informative to my daughter and myself at our visit. On the 10 hour drive back home she was wonderful. We've had a few questions that have been answered quickly and patiently.
At 13 weeks she is the star of her dog obedience class. She is loved by everyone who meets her and most can't believe how good and calm she is in all settings.
Your facility was recommended to us 110% by a local vetrinarian and we too will be passing along recommendations to you as well.
Thank you for everything!!

From: Lysa
Sent: 6/10/2012
Subj: Re: Mischief goes to Purina Incredible Dog Challenge (PIDC)

Wanted to let you know Mischief was invited to participate in the PIDC in San Diego. She is a Buddy x Star Feb 2008 pup. Wish us luck!

We got 3rd place! The show will air in August/September on ESPN. :)
Thanks for picking the perfect dog for me! Picture attached.

From: Rabia
Sent: 5/30/2012
Subj: Follow up

Just wanted to let you know that Murphy (purchased 3/27/12; born 1/13/12) is doing Great. We have completed all our vaccines, our basic and intermediate obedience and next week we're starting off-leash (outside of the off/leash at ocean and home that we already do).
He has turned out to be a magnificent and strong swimmer. I barely have my bag of gear off my shoulder and he's tugging at the bumpers or runs to the rocks awaiting my throw and his incredible diving.
We are lucky to be surrounded by nature trails with turkeys, ducks, swans, geese. We are 500 ft from Long Island Sound and there is a dedicated 'Dog Beach' where we love to go to meet up with his canine swim pals.
He is incredibly intelligent. I've had 2 trainers and they are stunned at how quickly he picks up a new command. We have 'school' every day to remind ourselves of the command words and hand signals. He got frisky at the beach with a new friend and ran until he was a spot on the horizon. The other dog owner assured me that her dog was intelligent, so well trained and obedient. He NEVER came for her - while Murphy came to my emergency command of 'Come Murphy Come'.......... her dog followed and to say I was relieved and proud would be an understatement.
He always gets compliments and people continue to stop in the cars, pull over just to come and pet him...........I've had 3 other (good looking) dogs and this has Never happened before. My Vet asked to put his photo on their web site and they did with the caption of 'Best Puppy Ever' ....... under it. Everyone on City Island Avenue knows his name now - and the neighborhood kids have a new friend to play with.
At home he has his own section of the yard with his 'playground' and swimming pool.........soon we'll add a few agility things - just to keep him from boredom..........
All in all he has a great life - and in turn - so do we.
So many people have asked about where I got him - it got me to thinking about you - so thought to share his progress. Thanks for breeding such a great dog.


From: Colleen
Date: Tue, May 29, 2012
Subject: Fenway!!!!

Fenway is AWESOME!!! He is so chill and calm!! Not a peep from him during our 5 hour car drive!! He went swimming in a CT lake yesterday with 2 other labs and had the time of his life. I am attaching a pict of him in his little robe!!
We would like to sign up for the Eukanuba puppy start program so we can get 5% off VPI pet insurance but we need a 15 digit code from you guys. Do you have it?
Thanks again for this amazing and loving dog!!


From: Lydia
Sent: 5/16/2012
Subj: Cork (formerly Lucky) - Pancho x Fly litter

I thought I'd send a couple of pictures of Cork. He's growing like a weed. I'm afraid to blink because he will grow before my eyes reopen. There is another 5 month old Lab in our puppy class who is only about 1/2 Cork's size.

Cork picture 2
Cork picture 3

Cork is definitely a water dog. I'm surprised he doesn't have fins and gills. He swims in the pool multiple times per day. He really loves it when we get irrigation and will play in it most of the day long after the other dogs are tired out. He usually sleeps soundly after a day of irrigation play though. He has recently learned to dive off the side of the pool and this has helped his retrieving considerably as he races back to put the training dummy in my hand so I can throw it again. I think he may have dock diving in his future.
Anyway that's my short update. We are enjoying this "little" guy so much.


From: Dawn
Sent: 5/7/2012
Subj: Remi Update

Phyllis and Jack,
Just wanted to give you guys a little update on Remi. She is absolutely amazing! I could not be happier! She is extremely smart and very talented. I spent the weekend cleaning out the Retriever Club duck pen (SMELLY!) and training with my old friends. It had been a long time and what great fun!
Remi did get the opportunity to go with a very good friend of mine to Mississippi the end of January and train with her and her 2 labs, so she did get a terrific jump start for water, and does she ever LOVE it! I was able to go down and visit her and work with her a bit in March. She is now back up here and we have our first NAHRA picnic test this coming weekend. I am so excited to show her off!
One of the things that I love about her the most is just how calm she is. It is amazing that for a 10 month old pup she is so mellow and eager to please. She has picked this stuff up so quickly and needs very little correction. She is as smart as Gus, without being so stubborn J.
I have attached some pictures from Mississippi and I will take more this weekend and send you.
Remi picture 2
Remi picture 3
Remi picture 4

Thank you again for the wonderful program that you have at Deep Run, you guys sure do put out amazing dogs!


From: Beth
Sent: 5/2/2012
Subj: Lily (Chief x Cara pup)

Thought you would enjoy this. Lily was front and center.
There is a follow up post that will go up on 5/12
Lily is doing great and has enriched our lives beyond measure.

Warm regards
Beth, Tom and Lily

From: DTAY
Sent: 4/13/2012
Subj: casey x paris litter march 31, 2011

this is a picture of our dog sam after a swim the other day. he cannot wait intil hunting season starts again. he loves to swim and retrieve, you picked the right dog for us. he weighs in at 90 lbs of muscle. he is a great family dog and hunting dog. he has brought joy to our lives, he is so much fun to be with and he can be really funny. he gets crazy legs and runs around and it's so funny. thanks so much.


From: Alicia
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012
Subject: Chase

Phyllis, Jack, and Christy,

My family and I want to thank you for selecting the perfect puppy for us! Chase (Rugby/Madonna litter) is beautiful, smart, and well adjusted! When we arrived home with her, our kids were shocked and speechless and still thank us daily for the best Christmas present ever!! Our vet was so impressed with the great care she had at Deep Run Farm. Chase is now 39 pounds (almost 5 months old) and makes us smile and laugh every day. Her distant cousin, Cleo, lives in our neighborhood, and it's amazing how much they resemble one another.
Thank you again! We hope to see you soon as we plan to board her with you in March.

All the best,
Alicia, Sean, Tommy and Grace

From: Carol
Sent: 3/8/2012
Subj: Risky and Elvis 2004 March litter turns 8 tomorrow!

Hi Deep Run,
As the very happy parents of sweet Piper (boy), we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to all his brothers and sisters. They are truly exceptional in every way and a proud legacy for Risky and Elvis.
Thank you so much for bringing these delightful pups into the world!
Piper is adored and considered the 'mayor' of Forest Hills, NY. Personality personified!

Have a great day,

From: Pamela
Sent: 3/8/2012
Subj: Pup Pics: Pancho-Paris

Attached are some pics of Stanford from the Paris Pancho litter. He is of course a dream and thriving on all fronts! Thanks again!

Stanford picture 2
Stanford picture 3
Stanford picture 4
Stanford picture 5


From: Rapp family
Sent: 2/17/2012
Subj: Gabby

Hi - this is Gabby at 11 weeks. She is from Paris/poncho litter. She is a very precocious puppy who lives up to her name! She is very lovable and must be the center of attention. She is a perfect fit for our family and we love her dearly! Thank you so much for our precious pup!

The Rapp family

From: Deb
Sent: 2/4/2012
Subj: Bentley

Hi Phyllis, Jack and Christy,
Just a quick note with an update and a few pics of Bentley.
He is the best and most adorable puppy and lab we have ever had...or seen for that matter. We get stopped and told he should be on the cover of LLBean or Orvis...we agree.
Phyllis, we researched and switched immediately to a vet that we believe was best for Bentley, and for our other labs and fur kids. He is great, has been in practice 30 years ( a full scale large practice with 7 vets and much more- it is Mclean Animal Hospital, Dr. Sexton). He LOVES labs!! Having seen many over the years and owning a number of his own, he always comments on Bentley and asked us where we got him...for when he is ready for another lab (he has a 10 and 12 year old lab currently).
Bentley, besides being a gorgeous lab, is so smart, well adjusted, sweet, happy and perfect for our family. Our 10.5 y/o lab in the pics had taught him how to play perfectly. He is the star of his puppy training class and plays beautifully with the other puppies in his class...even tho' he is bigger, he is so gentle. BTW, at his 4 month check up...he was up to 42 pounds!! We still hold him and hug him...since he is also a snuggle bug. See another Bentley picture.
Well my quick note expanded...we are just so thrilled with this very special little guy!! Christy, thank you so much for all your help...and Jack and Phyllis for selecting him for our family...he is perfect!!

All our best-
Deb and Steve

From: Ryan
Date: Tue, Jan 17, 2012
Subject: Duke Hunting
To: ""


I thought yall would want to see some pics of Duke in action. I have gotten to hunt with him four times unfortunately the first two the ducks weren’t there so not much to tell but the last two days duke retrieved ducks out of an elevated blind and a pit blind and he did a great job and all of my buddies are jealous about how good looking he is and how well tempered and trained he is.
Duke pic 2
Duke pic 3
Duke pic 4

Thanks again,

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