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Sam completed AKC Master Hunter Title in June of 2008, and his AKC Championship on July 5, 2008, with multiple Best of Breed wins over Specials. He was 40 months old when he completed his Championship, quite an accomplishment for both the Championship AND the Master Hunter title. In August of 2008 he completed his Canadian Championship in one week of showing with a Sporting Group 1. Additionally, Sam completed his UKC Championship in one weekend of showing, with two Group 1's, a Group 3 and two Group 4's. THREE CHAMPION TITLES and a MASTER HUNTER TITLE in ONE YEAR!!!
In 2010 Sam completed his CD, RN, RA and RE titles with numerous class placements. In 2011 we completed his CDX title with while continuing field work. He also received a Judges Award of Merit at the Raleigh-Durham Labrador Specialty under respected Breeder-Judge Patty Block. Sam completed his Utility Dog title in Obedience on April 8, 2012 and Grand Champion in January, 2013 making him the first Labrador to have ever achieved all these titles (GCH/UD/RE/MH/MHU). Read the AKC congratulatory letter posted on the AKC website (PDF).

Sam is outgoing, friendly, and is very intelligent. He loves to please, and loves to work. He is a natural water dog, loves icy water and has a great thick double coat to keep him comfortable in all sorts of weather. He is a great marker with a natural good memory for multiple falls. He is very athletic, and loves to run and play with the other dogs here at Deep Run Farm. Sam was a star in the show ring, his soundness, sporty movement, and breed type caught the eye of the judges who gave him his wins. To those judges, we are grateful for recognizing this great young dog. Sam's father is CH Sundance's Paddy's Irish Cream, CD MH. Sam's mother, Am, Can CH Pembroke Black Mist Poplar Forest, MH, WCX is the youngest CH, MH in the history of the breed.
Sam is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, CERF, OFA Cardiac (Doppler), Optigen A, RD and OSD Clear, EIC Clear and CNM Clear. Normal Thyroid. CHIC. Full Dentition. Sam carries yellow. Sam is producing black and yellow pups with superior working abilities, lovely conformation, sound minds and bodies. We are thrilled to have a yellow son of Sam's Deep Run Casablanca SH working on his accomplishments now.
Here is a link to Sam's OFA page
Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding. Sam's Stud Fee is $1500.

Teddy is an 8 month old Sam x Maggie pup. Maggie's dad was CH Belles Tradition O'Broad Reach MH and her mother is a CH with two 5 point majors in one weekend. EIC/CNM/PRA clear by parentage.
See Teddy at 4 weeks

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We are pleased to announce that we have purchased Siskel (GCH Robnie's Two Thumbs Up at Moonlit) along with breeder Bonnie Anthony and Siskel is now a full time member of Deep Run Farm.
Siskel completed his Grand Champion Title going BOS over Special at Langley Kennel Club May 27.
Siskel is a big (95 pounds) handsome son of two Specialty Winning Labradors, both ranked US No 1 Labrador in 2001 (Gordy) and 2006 (Lacey) Siskel's sire BISS CH Borador's By George is the top producing Labrador in AKC for 2007, 2008, 2009. With his exceptional outgoing friendly temperament, Gordy met all comers with a big stuffed toy and a request to pat and play with him. Gordy has also produced numerous hunt test and performance titled dogs. Siskel's dam BISS CH Sunspot's Lace'em Up JH WC is a spectacular showgirl, and won accolades from many judges who saw her during her year of being campaigned. Lacy has also been a great friend and fun companion for games of fetch or long walks. Lacy spends some of her time at Deep Run staying fit swimming, running and retrieving.

See Siskel pic 2
See Siskel pic 3
See Siskel pic 4

Siskel is a very sweet dog, he is affectionate and playful. He is really enjoying life in Virginia, with long runs, and is learning to swim! Siskel is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac (Doppler), OFA Thyroid, CERF, OFA PRA Clear (Optigen A), OFA RD/OSD Clear, EIC Clear. Siskel has a correct scissors bite and full dentition.
See Link to OFA page.
Siskel is learning to retrieve and we hope to have him running in hunt tests in the spring. Look for Siskel at select shows and in your favorite Labrador Magazines.
Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding. Siskel's stud fee is $1000.
Contact Deep Run Farm or Bonnie Anthony at

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Rugby is a handsome son of Am/Can/UKC CH Lobuff Hollyridge The Aviator, WC (Colonel) and CH Caer Bren Lois Lane, JH. Laney is a litter sister to our own BISS CH MHR Caer Bren Superhero MH. Rugby is a very handsome biscuit-yellow dog that we are proud to add to our lineup of wonderful stud dogs. Rugby recently earned his UKC CH in the spring of 2010. He will also be doing some field work and his Junior Hunter is on his calendar for this summer. Rugby received a major win on October 17, 2010 at the Ramapo Kennel Club under respected Labrador judge Mr. David W. Flanagan.
CH/UKC CH Caer Bren Rugby completed his Championship in January. Rugby's stud fee is $850.

See more pictures of Rugby: Rugby picture 1, Rugby picture 2, Rugby picture 3, Rugby picture 4, Rugby picture 5.

Rugby is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal . He is ACVO Clear and current CERF, Optigen B, RD and OSD Clear, OFA Cardiac, EIC Clear, CHIC.
Here is a link to Rugby's OFA results

Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding.

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Chief is one of our favorite sires at Deep Run Farm. We are pleased to add Chief's good looks, sound conformation, intelligence and hunting ability to our team of stud dogs. "Chief" completed his UKC Championship in four straight shows.He is AKC pointed as well. He is a happy, friendly, easy going young dog. He completed his Junior Hunter title in 2011 and will continue competing in Conformation shows this year.
Chief was our pick from his litter, born here at Deep Run sired by Am/Can CH Boothgate's Chief Producer, WC.
Chief is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, CERF, Optigen A, EIC Clear.
Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding. Chief's stud fee is $850.
See Chief's OFA page

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Casey is a yellow son of Sam and is following in his father's accomplished footsteps. He completed his Master Hunter title, Canadian Championship, and American championship in 2013 and in 2014 received his Companion Dog and Rally Novice and Advanced Titles.
He loves his work in the field, and also completed his Senior Hunter Upland Title in 2014.

Casey weighs 85 pounds and is a big happy, loving dog. He applies himself well to any task at hand, with energy and enthusiasm. He is amazing in the field and loves to upland hunt.

Casey is impressive to watch while seeking upland birds. His powerful and bold hunt is a treat to watch, regardless of how heavy the cover or adverse the conditions.

Casey is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac (Echo), CERF, Optigen A, RSD/OSD Clear, CNM and EIC Clear, OFA Thyroid Normal. See Casey's OFA records.

In July, 2013, Casey spent three days in Canada where he completed his Canadian Champion. His wins included two Best of Breed wins, one under respected Breeder Judge Manolo Queijeira, and a Group Third. See Casey Group Third win picture.
Am/Can CH Deep Run Casablanca MH completed his championship by winning a 4 point major under respected judge Gene Blake. Casey also has his CD and RA titles, completing his Rally Advanced Title at the National Specialty in Gettysburg PA in 2014. He is currently working on his Upland Hunting titles, he already has several passes at the Senior level.
Casey was bred and owned by Phyllis Giroux, DVM and Jack Jagoda, and co-owned and handled (conformation) by James Moses and Sheree Moses.
Casey is a 3rd generation Champion Master Hunter. The photo is of Casey going Best of Winners at the recent Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show in Frederick, Maryland, handled by Sheree Moses under Mr. Swartwood.
See Casey's brochure.

Casey gives his puppies his stunning head and expression, substance and type, along with correct Labrador movement.
His daughter HIT Deep Run Cassiopeia CDX RE JH is a testimony to how well his working abiity passes through the generations in multiple venues.
Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding. Casey's stud fee is $1000.

See Casey pic 1
See Casey pic 2
See Casey pic 3
See Casey pic 4
See Casey pic 5
See Casey pic 6
See Casey pic 7
See Casey Obedience Trial pic 8
See Casey Obedience Trial pic 9
See Cassie HIT-AB-Final-Flat

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Joe is the handsome son of Specialty Show winner BISS CH Wilcare Leisure Suite Larry JH (Dauber) and Deep Run Smoke and Mirrors, two time winner of Open Chocolate class at the prestigious Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac.
A stocky well built example of a conformation dog. Joe is AKC pointed, and has three legs toward his AKC Flushing title. He is a friendly, happy dog with a love for life.
Joe is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, OFA Eyes (2015), EIC Clear, CNM Clear, OFA Patellas, Full Dentition,OFA Cardiac (Echo), CHIC 84579. Optigen A, OSD/RD Clear. Clear for Dilute. Link to Joe's OFA page. Joe's stud fee is $750.

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Hero is a very handsome and talented CHAMPION who consistently produces puppies that conform to the Labrador Retriever Club breed standard and make charming hunting companions and pets. In addition to his terrific blocky, "show dog" good looks, he has the drive and desire to be a good Hunt and Field Test competitor and Hunting dog. Hero is now a Champion Master Hunter and a specialty winner! Hero completed the requirements for his AKC Master Hunter Title on July 1, 2007 under respected judges Bob Reckart and Bruce Smith at the Presque Isle Retriever Club Summer Hunt Test and has joined the exclusive ranks of CH, MH Labrador Retrievers as the 41st Champion Master Hunter in the history of the breed. Hero is also a NAHRA Master Hunting Retriever. Hero completed his Rally Novice Title in 3 consecutive shows over the summer of 2008. HE then completed his CD title in 3 consecutive trials. We are currently working on a Tracking Title for Hero. Hero has exhibited such a delight in all forms of training that we have to do something different over the winter when the ponds were frozen!
Hero is the proud winner of the Outstanding All Around Labrador of the Year 2007 Trophy awarded by The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac.

Hero is OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CERF, Optigen A1.
Hero's stud fee is $1,000. Available for Frozen Semen Breeding.

See Hero pic 2     See Hero pic 7
See Hero pic 3     See Hero pic 8
See Hero pic 4     See Hero pic 9
See Hero pic 5     See Hero pic 10
See Hero pic 6     See Hero pic 11

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Colonel is a handsome 85 pound dark yellow dog sired by multiple Specialty winning CH Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview Grady, out of one of the top winning yellow bitches, also a multiple Specialty winner, CH Lobuff's Sandpiper at Hollyridge. He is a very friendly and sweet dog, with a terrific personality. He is enjoying learning about ducks, hunting and retrieving and we look forward to an exciting Hunt Test career for Colonel. Am/Can CH Lobuff Hollyridge the Aviator completes his Canadian Championship in 4 consecutive shows, finishing with a BOB and Group I.
Colonel has sired a Champion/Master Hunter, numerous Champions, inlcuding our own Am/Can/UKC CH Caer Bren Rugby and numerous hunt test titled dogs.
Colonel is OFA Good (LR-165150), OFA Elbows Normal (LR33705), OFA Cardiac (Doppler), CERF (LR-43397), Optigen A by Parentage. He has Full Dentition. Colonel's stud fee is $900. Available for Frozen Semen Breeding.

    UKC CH Rugby, a Colonel x Laney pup:

Rugby picture 2
Rugby picture 3
Rugby picture 4
Rugby picture 5

    Colonel x Carly pups:
See Colonel pic 2
See Colonel pic 3
See Colonel pic 4
See Colonel pic 5
See Colonel pic 6

    Diesel, a son of Colonel x Giggles:

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Watermark Ticket to Ride
Watermark Ticket to Ride
Sire: 2011 NAFC FC AFC Cody's Cut A Lean Grade
Dam: Watermark The Bosses Daughter (QAA)
"Trip" is a handsome 85 pound black male. We were fortunate to purchase Trip from Mary Tatum DVM just before Trip started his Derby career. Trip's early training was done by Mary and Adam Casto. Trip ended his Derby Career with 15 Derby Points, averaging 1 point per Derby. Trip was handled in his last Derbies by Jack.
Watermark Ticket To Ride, MH completed his MASTER HUNTER TITLE October 9, 2011, he went for 6/6 in consecutive trials.

Meeting Trip is quite an experience. He is a big boisterous dog whose good looks and size bely his boyish charm. He is a big friendly dog who is just as happy catching Frisbees as he is running a 300 yard water blind. His pups are smart, willing workers with his wonderful good looks and sweet disposition.
OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal, CERF , CNM and EIC clear. Link to Trip's OFA page.
Trip carries yellow, and is a proven sire. Trip's stud fee $900. Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding.

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Pancho is one of our most handsome and talented American Field dogs. He completed his Master title with a minimum number of trials and has been a consistent qualifier at the Master level since. Additionally, he received a Qualifying placement last fall.
He is a sweet and gentle dog, just like his dad, GMHRCH Deep Run Desperado MH (Hombre). Pancho is cool and collected in the house and kennel, quiet in the blond or on line but a fireball in the field.
Pancho got his name when we were eating out in a Mexican restaurant one evening. We loved his beautiful dark gold color, just like his sire, Hombre. There was large sign on the wall "Follow me to Gold and Glory", Pancho Villa. He became Pancho on the spot. Pancho and his littermate Deep Run Gypsy Gold MH are the product of one of Hombre's very last litters. Hombre was bred to an Elvis daughter, Deep Run Tutti Frutti, SH to produce these two spectacular young dogs.
In 2014, Pancho completed his first Master Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award.
Pancho is OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patellas, EIC and CNM Clear, 2014 CERF. Here is a link to Pancho's OFA page.
Pancho is the sire of numerous outstanding hunting and hunt test dogs, performance dogs, and wonderful family companions. He has been bred to field and English dogs and consistently produces attractive, biddable, loveable pups.
Available for Fresh and Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen Breeding. Stud fee $900.

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Deep Run Southern Hospitality, MH. "Howdy" is a stunning black dog from a breeding of Mary Tatum's FC HRCH Watermark's Texas Welcome MH SRS to Morning Sun's Adoration MH. Howdy carries chocolate.
Howdy's sire, from whom he gets his call name, was not only a spectacular Field trial dog, he was also a Super Retriever Series winner, and a Hunting Retriever Champion. Howdy's dam, Dora, was not only a Master Hunter with numerous hunt test qualifications, but also a family pet, companion, therapy dog, and superb hunting companion.
Howdy is a beautiful black dog weighing in at 85 pounds. He is a spectacular marker, and very focused and biddable in training. He quickly completed his Senior Hunter and Master Hunter Titles. This fall (2014) we are starting on his upland hunting titles.
Howdy is OFA Good, OFA Elbows, EIC and CNM Clear, OFA Cardiac Clear, OFA Patellas Normal, Full Dentition and annual CERF cleared.
Here is a link to Howdy's OFA page.
Howdy's CHIC number is 81803.
Howdy carries chocolate.
Available for fresh and fresh chilled breeding. Howdy's stud fee is $900, $750 to bitches with a Senior Hunter or higher title.

See Howdy picture 2     See Howdy picture 5
See Howdy picture 3     See Howdy picture 6
See Howdy picture 4     See Howdy picture 7

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We are proud to include Rocky in our star filled stud dog lineup. Rocky was bred and born here at Deep Run Farm, and from the beginning, he caught our eye as a spectacular young pup. His remarkable marking ability, intelligence, and tractability made him a standout from his littermates. His pedigree certainly showed promise: his sire, Elvis, was one of our best producing stud dogs, who has consistently sired great looking pups with loads of talent, drive and desire, filled with courage and tenacity. Elvis's love for cold water, ice, and heavy cover made him a favorite not only as a producer, but as a hunter and hunt test dog as well. Rocky inherited all Elvis' boldness, style, and talent, with the tremendous addition from his mother, Anna (Prairiemarsh Manitoba Marker), daughter of 2xNAFC FC 2xCNAFC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, and FTCH AFTCH Coldcreek Kayla To Go, MH, littermate to 2 dogs who have won Canadian Nationals. Rocky’s promise led Jack back to Field Trials, where Rocky collected 6 Derby points (including a win) in very limited trialing , prior to aging out of Derby. Rocky quickly completed his Master Hunter Title, qualifying for the 2006 Master National. On his way to being QAA, Rocky placed Third in his first Qualifying Stake sponsored by the Labrador Retriever Club in Elkton, MD.

Rocky was not only a talented competition dog, he is also a terrific house and hunting dog. Rocky accompanied Jack on numerous duck and goose hunts, including several Sea Duck Hunts, where (at 18 months of age) he enthusiastically lept from the stern of a 42 foot boot into the icy surf of the Chesapeake Bay to retrieve Jack's limit of sea ducks. Rocky is 85 pounds of solid muscle, talent, and intelligence. He is very tractable, and is game for any agenda: training, trialing, hunting or retriever demonstrations around the country. His easy going, relaxed manner make him a great traveling companion, and his intelligence and pleasing personality make him a terrific student. He is a handsome and striking dog, his intelligent, alert expression on his well muscled athletic body make him very pleasing to watch.
After an exciting career on the Deep Run Team, Rocky is living in his retirement home with Keith and Barbara McDonald.
OFA Hips Excellent (LR 153789E), OFA Elbows Normal (LR-EL27937) CERF (LR -43245/2005). EIC and CNM Clear.
Available for Frozen Semen Breeding. Rocky's Stud fee is $1000.

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Mr. Buddy was one of our very favorite dogs here at Deep Run Farm. He was the son of our "perfect dog" GMHRCH Six O'Clock Scholar, MH, QAA, NAHRA 1000 pts and the daughter of one of our best foundation bitches, Rocky Oaks Wishful Thinkin' (FC AFC Way Da Go Rocky daughter).
See another Buddy picture
See Buddy hunting picture 1
See Buddy hunting picture 2
See Redskin fan
From the time he was eight weeks old, Buddy was been a standout , with his good looks, intelligence, drive, and desire to please. He started doing retrieving demonstrations at the Harrisburg outdoor show when he was eight weeks old, and continued to please audiences with his antics thoughout his life! He was a very talented marking dog with tremendous style both on land and in the water. Distance, terrain, or weather had no effect on his consistent abilities. He constantly amazed us with his ability to run the most complicated blinds in every situation.
The most special thing about Buddy was tremendous desire to please. He truly woke up each morning asking what he could do for me today. He loved tricks, and anyone who has seen him run can attest to the fact that he liked to walk himself off line with his leash in his mouth. He also would politely jump on the bumper of our kennel truck when he needed to be dried off.
Buddy earned his GMHR and his Master Hunter title. Buddy went to a few Field Trials with Jack, and earned a 4th Place and a Reserve JAM. OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, with PennHIP scores (.24 and .28) in the 90th percentile, CERF. EIC and CNM Clear. Buddy throws BLACK, CHOCOLATE and YELLOW. Available for Frozen Semen Breeding.
Buddy's stud fee is $1000.
Buddy consistently produced high proportions of yellow and chocolate in his pups.
We also have one of Buddy's chocolate sons, Deep Run Mad Hatter, MH, SHU. Hatter is an exceptionally handsome dog, smart, tractable, and full of fun.

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Head picture
High Resolution picture
Hombre was from one of FC AFC Riparian Roughrider's last litters out of GMHR Princess Crystal Rana, MH, one of the finest yellow females to run Hunt and Field Tests on the East Coast. At his prime,Hombre was 90 pounds of muscle with stunning conformation and sound movement. His phenomenal marking ability and exceptional blind running made him a very consistent performer in Hunt and Field Tests during his career.
He finished his MHR, qualified for and at the 1999 RAW Invitational, and completed his AKC Master Hunter; all before the age of two years. A different yellow pedigree, combining Teddy, Slew Man Too, Cody, Harley and Houston. Perfect temperament with a relaxed, easy-going manner, great drive, tractability, and go-power in the field.
Hombre was a consistent producer of superior hunters and hunt test dogs, family companions and best friends. We are delighted to have his son, Deep Run Gold and Glory, MH12, carrying on in our program.
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, PennHIP , CERF, EIC and CNM Clear.
Available for Frozen Semen Breeding. Fee is $1000.

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Hatter is an exceptional marker and handles well on blinds. He went 4 for 4 in Junior and Senior, and completed his Master Hunter Title in the spring of 2014.
In the fall of 2014 he completed his Upland Senior and Master Hunting titles, becoming the first chocolate to achieve two Master Hunter Titles in both retrieving and upland venues.

He is 85 pounds, a very handsome dog, medium chocolate in color with a classic Labrador head and well proportioned build. His sire, GMHR Deep Run After Six MH (Buddy) was my personal dog, one of the truly exceptional dogs I have had the privilege to own, train, and handle, as was Buddy's father GMHRCH Six O'Clock Scholar, MH before him.
Hatter's mother is a beautiful conformation dog, carrying on the lines of multiple Best in Specialty Winner, CH/Can/Int CH Tabatha's Rollick at Carrowby, CD, JH, and her sire Am/UKC CH Deep Run Wind and Smoke, JH, WCX.
Hatter is a talented, intelligent, and kind dog. He has a terrific sense of humor and is always delighting us with some stunt or other. When he is not trying to use the walkie talkie or use the phone, he is trying to steal my hat or gloves.

HIs puppies are proving to be as handsome, intelligent and trainable as he is.

Hatter is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, EIC and CNM Clear, OFA Cardiac, Full Dentition, Patellas Normal, OFA Eyes Clear.
Here is a link to Hatter's OFA page.

Hatter's stud fee is $950.

See Hatter picture 2
See Hatter picture 3
See Hatter picture 4
See Hatter picture 5

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Cowboy is a young yellow male field bred dog we are proud to add to our team of Deep Run sires.
Cowboy is all dog, an intense retriever with great drive and tremendous marking ability. He is an 80 pound male, solid muscle, and extremely athletic.
Cowboy is the grandson of FC AFC Two Toes Out the Door with numerous other field titles in his pedigree. He completyed his Junior Title in the spring of 2015, and will continue his field work.
He is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes (2014), EIC Clear, CNM Clear, OFA Cardiac, CHIC 102615. Here is a link to his OFA page. Cowboy's stud fee is $750.

See cowboy picture 4
See cowboy picture 5
See cowboy picture 6
See cowboy picture 7

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Bingo is a big black handsome All American Field Bred dog. He is an amazing marker, and a bold and stylish working dog. Bingo turned two in October 2015.
His sire, NAFC FC AFC Cody's Cut a Lean Grade, 2011 National Amateur Field Champion and sire of 2012 NAFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip and 2015 NFC AFC Keeno's Gizmo.
Bingo is a sweet and affectionate dog, possesses boundless enthusiasm and the sparkle that makes him a delight to train.
Bingo currently has four Senior and one Master pass, and will continue toward completing both the Senior and Master Titles in 2016.
Bingo carries yellow, is OFA Good, OFA Elbows, CNM and EIC Clear, and eyes clear. OFA Patellas, OFA Cardiac and Full Dentition.

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High resolution picture

Rider has been with us since he was picked from his litter at 6 1/2 weeks of age. His father, NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star, made history by being the second chocolate Field Champion and the first and only chocolate to win the NATIONAL Championship Stake. Rider's dam is a product of two of the finest labrador Field Trial/Hunt & Field Test kennels from the Eastern shore of Virginia. Shannondoah, on the eastern shore of Maryland (Auggie Argabright) and Haverhill (Carol Ladd).
Rider's great marking, tremendously focused and intense and his water blinds were truly remarkable during his career. He completed his NAHRA Senior title by going 4/4 at 21 months of age.
Rider consistently produces very intense, athletic pups who have been successful in Field Trials, Hunt Tests, Agility and Obedience. He has produced numerous Search and Rescue dogs as well as terrific hunting dogs and companions. Rider does point, as do many of his offspring. After retiring from Hunt Tests, Rider spent a few years as a hunting, and is now living a more leisurely life here at Deep Run.
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, PennHIP .17, .26 (top 90th percentile). 2 CERF (eyes cleared annually). EIC and CNM Clear.
Available for Frozen Semen Breeding. Fee is $1000.


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