Here are some more letters and photos we received from satisfied owners
(Last names and addresses have been omitted)

In a message dated 12/31/2013, Megan writes:

Deep Run Farms,
We welcomed Bailey (Casey/Paris) into our home in October of this year. In just two months, she’s become part of the family and we could not be happier. She’s such a smart and eager puppy - full of boundless energy! We find that she’s quick to learn, quick to be mischievous and quite the snorer! She’s an amazing dog and we feel lucky to have her. (While we’re probably biased, we also think she’s quite beautiful!!)
Here are a few photos of our girl.
Bailey picture 1
Bailey picture 2
Bailey picture 3
Bailey picture 4

Thank you for this amazing pup!
All the best & Happy Holidays!
Kevin & Megan

From: Donna
Sent: 12/28/2013
Subj: Mako (Trip/Gypsy 6/13)

Hi everyone at Deep Run Farm,

I'm attaching Mako's Christmas picture. He's doing wonderful. He's 65.5 lbs of curious puppy. We are extremely happy with him, he is such a joy even when he's getting into trouble.
Some of his antics so far include, eating a pair of panties in the middle of the night requiring a trip to the emergency clinic, ripping up numerous magazines, destroying 2 pr of eyeglasses, and destroying numerous indistructable dog toys. All of which had us wanting to tear out our hair at the time, but now we laugh about them.

Have a wonderful New Year from Mako and family

From: Betsy
Sent: 12/25/2013
Subj: Thank You for Micah

Hello Deep Run Family,
I am writing you on this Christmas Day as I reflect on the life of our beautiful Deep Run Retriever, Micah. He passed away last week at 12.5 years old. I wanted to write and say what an exceptional dog he was, right up until the very end of his life. He was my first dog, a wedding present from my husband. We were married in June of 2001 and we had Micah picked out of the litter before we moved from Chicago to Virginia to start his life as a Marine Corps Officer at Quantico. It was love at first sight, as he fell asleep behind my husband's head rest in his truck on the drive home.
Aside from his striking good looks (he was the son of Hombre and Daisy), he had an amazing temperament. We joked that he was our "gentle giant" as he grew into those big long limbs of his, Marmaduke-style. He was goofy and loving, joyful and playful. His life story parallels with ours, as he came into our family in "the beginning." He was soon joined by a "mutt" from the pound, Bandit, who became his best friend and partner in crime. Although Micah was so sweet, he rarely misbehaved on purpose :o) When I reflect back on the major milestones of my life, Micah is ingrained in my memory, every step of the way. He moved across the country with us, back and forth, half a dozen times, from Virginia all the way to San Diego. He has lived in the snow of Madison Wisconsin and the sunshine of San Diego. He LOVED the ocean, and was the only dog on the beach who would exuberantly leap into the surf, no matter how high, to retrieve his tennis ball. He would then expertly ride the waves back to shore, using his tail as a rudder. When we moved back to San Diego for the final time, where we now reside, from inside our truck, he stuck his nose in the air as soon as we crossed the border into California and whined because he could smell the salt water.
Micah kept me company on numerous deployments where my Husband was in another country for months at a time. My faithful companion slept in our bed every night until his daddy returned home again safe. I will never forget how tender he was when he met our first son, Ty, and how he low crawled, across the room to gently lick his face; and did the same for our second son, Ian. A lot of people tend to cast their dogs aside after having children, or they perhaps find different priorities, but Micah was an integral part of our family. He was both of our sons' first words, and first friend. As they grew into toddlers, he would patiently lay on the ground while they drove their mini cars over his back. He soon learned they were his best allies in giving him tasty treats under the table. Our boys soon learned to play his favorite game: throwing a tennis ball, and I found him many times in our backyard, chasing balls by my boys.
He was also a resting spot, as my children would curl up with him on the floor, and read with him. Every Christmas, we would enlist his help to eat the carrots and celery that my children left out for Santa, and on Christmas morning, he would help tear open their gifts with an uncanny ability to shred the paper but not the box underneath.
I have such a heavy heart with his loss, as he was our family member. He has left a space in my heart that I do not think will ever be filled. He was my baby, my love, with a heart of gold. Thank you so much for providing our family with such an important and beautiful being.

Happy Holidays to the Deep Run Family,
Betsy, Brad, Ty, Ian, and Bandit

From: Mary
Sent: 12/22/2013
Subj: Belle from Pancho/Sally 12/20/2012

To Deep Run Farm,
This is Belle from Pancho/Sally 12/20/2012. She is an amazing dog, your breeding program is really the best ! Great temperament, intelligent, willing, brave, always enthusiastic and very sweet at the end of the day.
Belle is demonstrating her sit, stay and hold skills for this Christmas card. It took a lot of self control because she really wanted to run off and shake that Santa hat to shreds.
Belle picture 2
Belle picture 3
Belle picture 4

Merry Christmas,
Mary, Dave and Belle

From: James
Date: December 21, 2013
To: ""
Subject: Misty

Merry Christmas to all at Deep Run from Misty, Holly, and Jim

From: Frank
Sent: 12/16/2013
Subj: "Bridger" (Casey x Tutti pup)

Jack and Phyllis,
After a "talkative " ride home and some good play he seems to very comfortable ! It was great talking to both of you again, I will keep you updated pictures and progress! See another Bridger picture.


From: Debbie
Sent: 12/5/2013
Subj: Takoda is 1 Year Old Today!

Hello everyone at Deep Run Farm!
Just wanted to drop you a note of sincere thanks for breeding such a wonderful puppy. Takoda is from Sam & Peaches December 2012 litter and has brought me such incredible joy this past year I cannot thank you enough.
He has exactly the kind of temperment I asked for in my questionairre and he absolutely adores my 4 nephews and everyone he meets. He was a bit too young to hunt this year but I am looking forward to taking him on his first hunts next season. He did get a birthday treat yesterday when my brother brought him home a freshy shot quail from his hunt today and he was one proud boy holding it. I also included a link to a YouTube video showcasing some of the cute pictures I captured this past year of him.

Thank you so much and have a great holiday season!
Debbie & Takoda

From: Scott
Date: December 5, 2013
To: Phyllis Giroux
Subject: Roscoe's (Sam/Peaches) Birthday

Today is Roscoe's (Father: Sam; Mother: Peaches) one year birthday so we wanted to send you a few pictures from this past year. His full name is Deep Run Sam's Southern Roscoe, which we thought was quite fitting because he resembles his wonderful Dad. He has been an amazing addition to our family! He sleeps on his back, loves the water, loves to retrieve, and has the best temperament we have ever seen. Everyone who meets him wants to take him home!! We couldn't be happier and there is no question where we will be getting our labs in the future.
Hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

P.S. The pictures include: first trip retrieving and it was a little muddy, first trip to the vet, first time on the furniture, first time in the snow, just relaxing at the house, and his one year birthday (candle and all).

Kind regards,

From: Ann Marie
Sent: 12/4/2013
Subj: Avery (Casey X Madonna)

First of all, thank you for breeding such an amazing creation! Avery is spoiled rotten. We celebrated her first birthday on November 14. She has always been active and interested in everything. We constantly marvel at how well she is behaved. She does not chew or bark. Avery is an amazing companion. She is the sweetest, most personable pup. She is most definitely a water dog; she swims and swims and swims. We live on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay and visit my parents on a lake, we found her passion early on, water!
Our dog-child is the perfect combination of house companion, work-out partner, cuddler, protector, playmate, and huntress. We also believe she is the prettiest puppy in the world. Ya'll gave us the perfect pet! Enjoy the pictures and video! See Avery picture 2.

Ann Marie and Travis
Poquoson, VA

From: emeraldglen
Sent: 10/24/2013
Subj: Sam x Belle Puppy

Hi Phyllis,
Thought you might enjoy seeing how my Sam puppy is turning out. She has incredible drive, is smart and sweet. We are very pleased with her. Thanks,

From: Fred
Sent: 10/1/2013
Subj: Colt

Jack, Phyllis, and everyone at Deep Run,
Hope all are well, I just wanted to take a few minutes to update you on Colt, I brought colt home on March 24th of this year. Since we live here in southeast Virginia the ride home was only a few hours and he did very well, and I knew this was going to be a special dog, and I have not been disappointed. Although Colt is only nine months and still a puppy, his calm demeanor, confidence, and eagerness to please reminds me of dogs 2 – 3 years old, he has been an incredible companion already. I bought Colt to be my companion and hunting partner and since bringing him home in March he and I have trained every day with few exceptions, while I have trained more than dozen English Setters, this was my first attempt with a water dog. I can not overstate how truly incredible Colt is ,he has made this a wonderful experience, all of the work that he and I have put in was brought full circle when Teal season opened and he and I hunted together for the first time on September 23, 2013. My hunting partner and shot eight Teal (would have been a limit if we could shoot straight) and colt retrieved everyone of them, he was flawless, both of us in the blind were shocked at how well he did, because of the blind set up he could not see the fall and was retrieving blind based on where I sent him, as I said he was flawless. Thank you son much for such a wonderful companion, this dog is truly loved by my entire family and has been a joy to have and work with.
Colt picture 2
Colt picture 3
Colt picture 4


From: Darrell
Sent: 9/4/2013
Subj: GUS (Poncho x Fly Puppy July 2012)

Hi Phyllis,
I wanted to catch you up on the puppy you sent to California last September. Gus went to training at 6 months of age (Brian Clasby in Lost Hills, CA), and he graduated in May. The end of May we started competing in hunt tests and he got his 1st pass in Junior at the end of May and while we were competing in the LA-Riverside, CA area we ran into another dog from your kennel a Trip x Tutti puppy competing in the Senior dog competition. We just finished on September 1 in Suisun City, CA - Marin Retrievers Club with his fourth pass and he is now a titled dog. We will soon start more training so we can work on get started for his Senior title, I am told it takes 1 year worth of training to get ready for Seniors after Junior so we will see how that goes. J He has enjoyed the summer as you can see by the pictures swimming and rafting in the pool with my daughters and wife. She asked Brian when we brought Gus home from training if Gus would be able to tell the difference between play time and work time, bring out the bumpers and it’s game on (play time is over!) so yes, he knows the difference.
Gus picture 2
Gus picture 3
One more thing, when I brought Gus home my wife (Sherie) let me know that he was to be a strictly outside dog!! Well I wonder who’s side of the bed Gus gets to sleep by, here’s a hint it is not mine – that statement did not last long. He has been a wonderful dog, an easy puppy to raise with very little trouble digging or chewing or having accidents inside the house and we are having a blast competing with him.

Thank you for this wonderful companion,

From: Joanne
Sent: 8/27/2013
Subj: Gus - Hero litter update

Hi - I took home Gus from you 8 years ago. Here is a recent photo after his 8 year birthday and pics when I first brought him home and fell in love with him.
I must say, he's been the most amazing dog!!! Such a beautiful boy in every way. The past 8 years have been a true joy. He's so gentle and a love bug and is fantastic with his 'brother' (who is almost 10 now another labbie) and my 18 month old daughter. He is such an integral part of our family and is so very loved.
Thank you so much for breeding such a fantastic animal.

His proud mama,

From: James
Sent: 7/25/2013
Subj: Misty (Casey x Venus pup) - 9 weeks

Just love her- she is adorable and a real poser for the camera! Holly and Jim

From: Christopher and Christine
Sent: 7/7/2013
Subj: "Sammy" Sam X Piper pup 10 months old

Sammy picture 2
Sammy picture 3
We hope this finds you well. We want to share a couple of photos of Sammy, pup of Sam and Piper. Sammy is almost 10 months old and we are in LOVE. He loves to spend time with the family and always plays well with our two daughters Charlotte and Kaitlyn. Sammy loves walks, swimming in the pond, playing fetch in the yard and loves loves loves the beach. We could not be any happier with our Sammy and we thank you very much for doing what you do.

Christopher and Christine

From: Stephanie
Date: Thu, Jul 4, 2013
Subject: Sampson Update
To: Phyllis Giroux

Good morning and Happy 4th of July! We wanted to update you on Sampson (Trip x Claire, October 2012). Yesterday, we took him swimming for the first time and worked on retrieving from the ater. At first, Sampson was a little nervous, but within three minutes, he was splashing through the water that he had been doing it for years! We then progressed to jumping off the dock, he did amazingly well and jumped in with no hesitation! Jason and I cannot say enough positive things about how well Sampson was breed and trained early on in his life!
We recently got a new house with a bigger yard so he has lots of room to run and play. He is so wonderful with people and other dogs! We are considering purchasing another lab puppy in six months to a year so Sampson has a buddy! We have been so happy with how smart and loving Sampson is and would like to get another puppy from a liter that Trip is the father. Do you have any idea of a time frame when you would breed him again? We are looking for a yellow male with the same drive as Sampson so Jason has an additional hunting partner.
Once again, thank you so much for all that you and the staff at Deep Run Retrievers do to ensure that you only breed high quality, easily trainable, quality labs.

We have attached some pictures so you can see Sampson's first swimming and water retrieving experience.
Sampson picture 2
Sampson picture 3

Thank you again,
Jason and Stephanie

From: Alex
Sent: 6/13/2013
Subj: Deep Run Flo-Jo

Hello Dr. Giroux, I've been real busy at the practice and I haven't had time to email you. I just wanted to give you an update on Flo-Jo. She will be 7 months old in 2 days, she weighs 44 lbs and is just absolutely beautiful. Her energy and drive to retreive is amazing. She is an excellent swimmer and loves retreiving in the water. She is also an excellent house dog and knows when to chillax and when to work. This is just too easy. Its all in the genes. I never told you but when you shipped her to me, I literally had just come back from a huting trip. I had a few blue wing teal in the cooler in the truck. When we let her out of the kennel at home, I tossed the duck and she brought it right to my hand. I knew right away I had made the right decision to purchase her from you. Well done! Thank you for shipping me Flo-Jo.

Talk soon, Alex, DVM.

From: Bob and Thunder II
Sent: 6/9/2013
Subj: All Quiet at Building Collapse Site (for Phyllis)

Phyllis, Here is a video about the Philadelphia collapse incident. It has an interview with Tom and Phoenix. Thunder II is very proud of the great job her sister, Phoenix, did. Tom and I refer to the two girls as having been 'womb mates'.
See video: All Quiet at the Building Collapse Site
As another comment about Tom, and his many accomplishments, he just recently got his Doctorate as a pharmacist. That is on top of being a Fire Chief and a Canine Handler, as well as a husband and father.
As a final point, Thunder II passed her advanced FEMA recertification in Virginia Beach this weekend. On Saturday, 14 teams from around the country tested. It was a hard, but fair, evaluation. Eight passed. Miss Thunds was one of those who passed. She did a good job, and had fun doing it.
Since working in the FEMA system, I have now passed 14 certifications in a row. Many handlers work for years to get one certification. Some of these evaluations have had pass rates of under 10%. Three of the four dogs I've certified with have been Deep Run dogs. You produce an excellent product. Thank you.
There is a high probability I will want to start another puppy in the future. I'm 67 now, but I want to keep doing this for as long as I can. I'll also keep working to help others.

Thanks again,
Bob and Thunder II

From: Louis
Date: May 10, 2013
To: "Phyllis Giroux"

Hi Phyllis, thought you would like to see a picture of Olive..
She is so great.. she loves,,, I mean loves, our yellow lab Linus…
She is loving her life at the beach and we have been taking her swimming at the freshwater ponds near our house..

Take care.

From: Mike
Sent: 5/7/2013
Subj: Maverick ( Windy/Magic 2011)

Phyllis/ Jack,
I just wanted to report that Maverick got his Junior Hunter title last Saturday in Buckholts, TX. We are continuing to train for his senior test, but probably won't run any tests until after duck season later this year. I don't think there are any more akc tests in Texas before October.. We may check to see if there are any hrc tests around here to keep us busy and sharp! Mav is doing great! He really likes to go to the tests! I have a video from his second test, but it is too big to send. When I have time to upload it to utube, I'll send you the link. I hope all is well at Deep Run.

Deep Run Top Gun, JH


From: Lindy
Date: May 1, 2013
To: Deep Run Farm
Subject: Bella (formerly ChaCha)

Kristi, Phyllis, and Jack,
Just wanted to update you on Bella (formerly ChaCha - from Wickham/Calypso). There were no problems with her flight - she arrived on time and in great spirits! She came eagerly out of her kennel with her tail wagging and immediately proceeded to start licking our faces. :) She is the sweetest little darling - everyone she's met so far has commented how gentle, laid-back, and loving she is. And not to mention beautiful! We had Bella to the vet today for an exam and all the people there couldn't believe how gorgeous she was! She has done perfectly with her housetraining so far. Bella has adapted right in to our family and we couldn't ask for a better addition. My kids are smitten with her and just want to show her off to everyone. Bella even got to make her first trip to the beach today! I'll attach some pictures for you to see.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing little girl! We are so happy with her and I'm so glad she got such a great start at Deep Run Farm.

Andrew, Lindy, Anna, Luke & Bella :)

From: Will
Sent: 4/21/2013
Subj: Rocky / Tutti Pup

Just a note of thanks and to let you know "Nitro" did well on his journey to central Pennsylvania on Saturday. Upon arrival he had some fun and accomplished lots of exploring inside and out. He knew he was in for some spoiling when he spotted the duck blind painted doghouse in his exercise area. He began basic training today mixed in with some fun and frolic. Will send future updates and photos. Thanks for a great pup and companion.


From: Michael
Sent: 3/27/2013
Subj: Maverick ( Windy/Magic 2011)

Dear Phyllis and Jack,
I thought I would send an update on Maverick now that hunting season is over. We killed 113 doves, 131 ducks and 8 quail this season, and Maverick was a champ! I am so pleased with his progress this year. He is a great companion both in a duck blind and in our home. ( at this moment he is asleep on my feet under my desk!) I couldn't ask for a better dog. He has far exceeded my expectations! I have entered him in his first hunt test on April 6th and I am confident he will pass with flying colors. We participated in a practice test with a retriever club in the Bryan/ College station area last weekend, and Maverick was great. He was well behaved on the line, made great marked retrieves and delivered to hand better most who were there. I am excited about doing hunt tests this spring and continuing with his training. I hope all is well with you at Deep Run.
Maverick picture 5
Maverick picture 6


From: Carol and James
Sent: 3/11/2013
Subj: Risky and Elvis litter 2004 - Piper at nine years/his birthday 03/10/13

Here are the pictures that let the world know that Labradors rule the world!
I hope you like them.
Carol and James

From: Barkley's Mom
Sent: 3/5/2013
Subj: Barkley's 1st Birthday!

Today is Barkley's (Rugby X Piper) 1st birthday and he has been a great addition to our lives, he definitely keeps things interesting around here and he has finally gained acceptance from his "sister" Rosie the cat, well almost. His first year has gone by very quickly as did his weight and size, his mom keeps trying to remind him he is not a lap dog. Thank You for starting him out on such a great road as we get to enjoy his company for years to come!
See another Barkley picture

From: Debbie
Sent: 2/8/2013
Subj: Thank You For the Awesome Puppy!

Phyllis, Kristi, & all at Deep Run Farm
I could not be more happier with my new puppy. I am naming him Takoda which is Sioux and means "everyone's friend". His registered name will be Deep Run Traveling Takoda Hunter.
I was so nervous today about his flight all the way out here to CA. When they wheeled him into the cargo room he was sitting up alert and ready to come home. I actually found out I had a friend that was flying home from a business trip on his same flight! He messaged me from the plane and told me they did have a little turbulence during the flight but nothing too bad. What a coincidence that was! Anyways I was so glad to see him happy and healthy.
He was a little shaky at first as we walked from the terminal back to the truck. Heck LAX scares me too it gets so crazy around there! By the time we got the truck there were two ladies next to us loading up their car who fell in love with him and his tail started going a mile a minute as they petted him. He was fine after that. Unfortunately the LA traffic was a bit hectic so it took us a little over an hour to get home. He got pretty spunky in my lap which made me feel relieved. When we finally got home he spent some time exploring the house and yard. After he settled down a bit he had his first meal here and did his business in his new place.
This will be my 3rd lab and I've raised 4 puppies in my time and I have to say this one is the most impressive. He boldly went down the two steps that lead into the backyard and normally it takes the pups several weeks to conquer those. My last lab Hunter was my first field dog and I started training him right away when I got him, but it took him a few weeks to actually retrieve. I was amazed when I snapped this picture of Takoda making 1 of 3 great retrieves in my yard today(maybe 30 minutes after we got home from the airport) with this puppy dummy that is practically bigger then him! I originally was just going to have him chase it around but he was ready for way more then that! This is a testament to how you guys are socializing your pups and I could not be happier.
Thank you for the great puppy. I'll give you all a call tomorrow to make sure the shipping charges are taken care of. Anyways just thought I'd type this brief note to you and say thanks as Takoda sleeps soundly behind me in his kennel.


Friend Fondly Remembered

From: Mike
Sent: 2/7/2013
Subj: Chance

I wanted to send a note this morning to let you know that we lost Chance last night. He was very lethargic yesterday and would not eat or drink, so I took him to the vet after work since he didn't appear to be improving. Ultimately, he had a tumor within his abdomen that had ruptured and we made the decision to put him down.
It is still a point of sorrow and joy that it all happened so quickly. He was his normal self the day before and we went from yesterday's morning walk to making this tough decision in just over 12 hours. Thankfully, we were all able to say our goodbyes last night. He was thumping his tail on the ground with the pleasure of being loved until the end.
A wedding gift from Sarah, we were fortunate to have him in our lives for 11 years - his birthday was last week. He had his share of quirks. From not barking (unless commanded - or left in the car while everyone else hunted), to chattering his teeth with joy or anticipation and his love of chasing the pen-raised ducks at our Between the Dams hunting club, he was a goofy dog. We spent the morning telling stories on him, many that made us laugh - such as his eating the mail every day to show his displeasure with belong left home while Sarah and I were at work.
We couldn't have asked for a better house dog, companion or hunting partner. He was truly part of our family and will be greatly missed.


From: Chuck
Sent: 1/19/2013
Subj: Ginger (born May 2005--Buddy x Belle)


Ginger is now 7 1/2, almost 8 and still plays like a puppy! Everyone who sees her thinks she is one or two years old. She is amazing! So happy, friendly and playful. Everyone who sees her loves her, but no one more than me.
Last year at this time (Jan 2012), she had what looked like a small cyst on her lower gum which turned out to be lymphoma. Fortunately, we caught it in early stage 1, and she is completely cancer free. She went for chemo treatments once every three weeks for five or six months, and was so stoic and strong willed. She never showed a single side affect whatsoever. All she ever wanted to do was play, swim and retrieve her ball. Amazing! Every time we visited the oncologist office, the receptionists would break out in smiles saying "Ginger's here!" She is the happiest dog ever to visit the vet! I share this because when I first learned of this news, I was devastated. The oncologist I used in NYC was fantastic and got me/us through it. Ginger is 100% fine. She never lost her appetite or showed signs of fatigue during the treatment (which is very easy: one pill every three weeks). The oncologist now has me down to a follow up checkup every six months.
My brother just had to put down his 13 year old yellow lab and I am trying to convince him to take the trip from NJ to your farm for a new pup. I will likely join him.
As always, thanks. I love reading the emails from very happy customers, like me.


From: Judy
Sent: 1/12/2013
Subj: Madeline McLennan made it home safely

Dear Kristi, Phyllis and Jack,
We made the long trip back to Rhode Island with out incident and Miss Madeline has been receiving guests and getting rave reviews. She is settling right in to her new environment. The attached picture is in her Godmother’s office at Sail Newport.
Our Vet, Dr. Eric Wood at the Newport Veterinary Hospital said, "I have seen many puppies in my career and this one is Exquisite."
I hope you will enjoy the homemade Pesto and the homemade Blackberry jam. Both the Basil for the Pesto and the Blackberries for the Jam were grown here at my house.
I forgot to ask where Madeline’s siblings were headed. Out of curiosity can you share at least the states where her littermates are headed? The AKC paperwork is all filled out and has been sent in for Deep Run Lady Madeline of Toad Hall and her microchip has been registered.
Thank you again for raising such spectacular dogs! We always get the praise...”Your dogs are all so well behaved and totally adjusted into the two families.” And both Stephanie and I credit Deep Run with producing spectacular dogs to start with and then we credit Jack with their initial month of basic obedience training as a good start for us to keep up with. Hopefully Jack you will consider taking Miss Madeline back in the spring/summer for her month of basic obedience training with Uncle Jack.
Cheers and Many thanks once again,


From: Deb
Sent: 12/28/2012
Subj: Fw: Bentley pixs

Hi Phyllis et al (Jack and Kristy too).
I cannot remember if I had sent this link to you of Bentley. He was about 5 months old here. We have a more recent link with all of our dogs...I will send that to you as well. Bentley LOVES everyone...2 and 4 legged. He is such a love and just gorgeous. We still get stopped and he gets admired.
We took him out to lunch for his first Birthday- September 12, 2012. We sat outside on the patio of a nice restaurant that is dog friendly. People gave up their table so he/we could have the ideal spot.
Phyllis, he makes me smile EVERYDAY. His favorite bed is a chase in our keeping room. We have to spread out the faux fur throw and pillow just is hilarious.
Thanks again for such a wonderful choice for us. I hope you like his pics. Bentley from the Casey/Paris litter.

Deb and Steve

From: Jack
Sent: 12/24/2012
Subj: FW:

Abby (daughter of Sam and Jane) is truly a one of a kind dog. She is a great companion for us. As you can see she does pretty well with ducks also. This is a recent trip to Reelfoot lake.

From: Randy
Sent: 12/9/2012
Subj: Happy

Good morning Phyllis,
I just returned from Arkansas where I spent the weekend duck hunting. I have attached a couple of photos of Happy. See Happy picture 2.
He did an outstanding job as he always does. The shooting was slow because it is still so warm, it will probably pickup this week with the cold front coming in but who would have thought December would have been this warm.
Happy made many outstanding retrieves and picked up every bird we shot. One blind retrieve was the best I have ever seen him make, it was about a 50 yard blind but he had to cross an irrigation ditch which was narrow with very steep and high banks, cross into a flooded field covered in brush and went to the mallard with only one correction. The lease owner who also runs Labs was absolutely amazed he made the retrieve.
Wish you, Jack and the Deep Run family a very Happy Holiday Season,


P.S. Happy and I were in South Dakota in early November, many fine retrieves there as well.

From: Tallon
Sent: 12/5/2012
Subj: Update - Koda (Chief & Ivy)

Hi Phyllis,
It has been a great first year with Koda (Chief & Ivy Litter Dec. 2011) here in Texas. Koda has been on a total of 5 duck hunts now since our season started and has done outstanding. We worked everyday during off season to prepare, it was such a breeze he had great desire to retrieve and learn from day one. Not only was he having fun with it but it was also fun for me. He was always willing to learn and would try his hardest to understand even when I did not do a good job at showing him what I wanted. But the thing he lives for the most is hunting, as soon as the camo and guns come out he knows what time it is. He begins to shake with excitement and become extremely focused, which has just blown me away since he is not even a year old. It has been a blast watching him work this season. This has been my first pup to train and I could not ask for a better match. Koda is also an inside dog he spends a ton of time with the family and friends. He has a great demeanor one minute he is eager to hunt/retrieve next he is relaxed sitting by your side in the living room just hanging out. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for picking/breeding such and amazing dog for me. Koda is my best friend and hunting buddy, I could not ask for a better dog.
Koda picture 2

Thank you,

See the click to see more letters page of letters and pictures from our satisifed customers

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